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Hi! Name is Lexi and I am a 21 year old dancin' student trying to adjust back to a normal life after a not-so-normal year of traveling.

Welcome to my mind: you will see loads of laugh-worthy posts, relateable gifs, "tour life" stories, "college life" stories, quality music, personal thoughts and photos, relevant collections of words, a constant desire to travel, ridiculously attractive people, nostalgia in every shape and form, musical theatre, beautiful places, appreciation for talent, awkward musings, that one popular boyband, and really really good movies/tv shows (and some really really bad ones). there is plenty of room for fangirling.

Agnes & Vanellope Von Schweetz IRL. Halloweenie 2013 #despicableme #wreckitralph #coolkids

Agnes & Vanellope Von Schweetz IRL. Halloweenie 2013 #despicableme #wreckitralph #coolkids

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#coolkids  #wreckitralph  #despicableme  #wreck it ralph  #agnes  #vanellope von schweetz  #despicable me  #ITS SO FLUFFY  #halloween  #HALLOWEENIE 2013  #cosplay baby  #sort of  #hahah  #me 
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